Analyze up to 1 million agent notes to improve CX, reduce churn and improve contact center KPIs

See How VOZIQ’s Predictive Text Analytics Maximizes the Utility of Latent Interactions in Contact Centers and Delivers Significant ROI by Boosting Revenue and Cutting Customer Care Costs! 

At the end of analysis, we will share an executive summary with the following items

  • Key insights extracted from your sample data
  • Key focus areas where you will see considerable retention/CX gains
  • ROI projections based on your business KPIs 

VOZIQ’s Data Scientists to Guide You Through the Trial 

Stop taking a fragmented approach to improving the contact center KPIs!

  1. Our data science team will help you identify the best contact center to run trial analytics, based on         business value
  2. We import your contact center agent notes and interactions into our Amazon Web Services based         VSMART platform
  3. We perform Multi-KPI analytics based on VOZIQ’s unified customer record




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